Master Plan

Wonju Enterprise City

Location: Wonju, Korea
Type: Housing/Retail/Office
Date: 2006
Size: 5,353,000m2

Wonju Enterprise City is a new planned community located on a 13 million square meter site east of Seoul. When fully developed, it will be a self-sufficient community of 25,000 people, focused on education, research and development in a science-park setting. It is designed as a circular city, with three key functional centers spaced around the perimeter: R&D, Training, and Industrial. Interspersed among these three inter-related components are residential neighborhoods; community, commercial and public spaces; and services such as utilities, medical, education and government. The fabric that ties the community together is a series of roadways, sidewalks and promenades, bicycle trails and a wide range of green spaces, forested areas, ponds and reservoirs.